Virtual Design Services

Full design and consultation services with no physical interaction, done entirely from the comfort of your home.

Our Service

Our virtual design service provides our clients with the ability to begin the design process, without ever leaving home. Working with our experienced design team, we will create a design that is tailored to your needs, wants, style, and budget. All meetings will be held virtually, including design presentations. Once a deposit is received, a full set of plans and our Michigan-made cabinetry will be delivered right to your home, anywhere in the state of Michigan. Our virtual design service can also be used in tandem with our downtown Plymouth showroom, which is still available for in-person meetings and material selections. With multiple convenient design options, Sharer Design Group continues its promise of bringing practical luxury to our clients.

Our Process Made Simple:

Step 1.

Virtual Consultation: Upon receiving your information from the contact us form, we will schedule a virtual consultation.  We will go over the scope of the project, design style, wants, needs, and establish a budget for your project. At this time, we will also walk you through how to measure and photograph your space, as well as explain how to complete our design form. This will give us the information needed to design your dream space with one of our custom Michigan-made cabinetry lines.

Step 2.

Design Process: Upon receiving the completed design form and measurements, we will begin the design process. The design process will take 2-3 weeks to complete. We will then schedule the virtual presentation once the renderings and contract are finished. 

Step 3.
Virtual Presentation: Once our design team has completed the initial design and selected proposed materials, they will schedule a virtual presentation. With the assistance of our design team, you will have the opportunity to view your space rendered in 3-D, allowing you to envision yourself using the space. We will also provide a contract for your review at this time. Please note, that plans and design boards are not released to clients until a deposit is received. 

Step 4.
Revisions: Once the presentation is complete, we will revise the design, materials, and contract with any changes requested during the virtual presentation. We will then schedule another virtual presentation to review the revised plans and contract. We allow one round of revisions and then a deposit is required before any further revisions will be made.

Step 5.
Order/Delivery: We will ensure that the delivery and receipt of materials is done efficiently and stress-free. We will travel to your job site, anywhere in Michigan, to remeasure the cabinetry and space during the final design phase. We will then handle the entire ordering process with our cabinet maker and supplier. After manufacturing, the cabinetry will be scheduled to be delivered to your home. Sharer Design Group will assist your builder/installer remotely with any questions they may have during the installation of your project (Sharer Design Group also has experienced installers available, if you do not have your own builder/installer). We will then complete a final visit to ensure that your cabinetry is installed to our high standard.